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Travel Writing

When I can afford it, I love to travel and this is the main reason I've named this site 'TravelFurther.'

In my previous guise as a photographer, I also tried my hand at travel writing. I have written a small selection of articles, at left, which depict some of my adventures while travelling for work or while on vacation. 
I'd like to think I'm a fairly creative person and I enjoyed writing the articles. I am sharing them here for anyone who wishes to read them.
I'm not saying that anything is literary masterpiece, just a written account of some of my travels thus far.  

Some of them have been published in newspapers / magazines previously and these are noted.

All photographs shown were taken by myself.


All words and photographs strictly © copyright TravelFurther.net



Travel Home

Russian Drive - the first time

Indian Bus Journey




Krakow, Poland

Russian Drive - the second time

See a list of countries I've been to.

  All words and photographs strictly © copyright Craig J. McCormick - Travelfurther.net

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