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Welcome to TravelFurther.net, a personal website with a difference. This site is proud to be free of 'above the fold' ads and other annoyances. Looking around is free of course, but a guestbook entry wouldn't go amiss! Just click on any of the links above or below to get started.

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Website of Craig McCormick

American-British/British-American Dictionaries: These dictionaries are by far the most popular reason people visit this site at the moment. They display the author's interpretations of the differences between American and British usage of our common language. The dictionaries are the result of the site author, an American, who has lived in England for nearly 20 years.

Day of the Week Calculator:  Ever wondered what day of the week you were born on? Or what day Christmas or your birthday will fall on this year or in 3 years from now? Maybe, maybe not, but my Day of the Week Calculators will tell you. Enter any date from 1752 to the present and into the future and they will return the day of the week that particular date fell on, or will fall on. The 2nd most popular section.

Travel Writing:  If you're interested in travel or travel writing, have a look at this section. It has written travel features from the site author, some of which have been previously published, along with accompanying photographs. Articles included thus far range from: Driving in Russia to Hill Trekking in Thailand.

Fun & Games:  Here is a collection of brainteasers and games against the computer for you to waste time with.

Author Info:  If anyone is curious as to who the site author is, check out this section.

Driving in England:  Hints and tips for Americans who wish to try driving in the mother country.

CJaM.Biz Photo Gallery:  The author's Photography Site.

CJaM.Biz Photo Blog:  The author's PhotoBlog.

Guestbook:    A place to state your views and / or ask questions.  The site author respond to questions, when time permits,  and listens to suggestions.

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